Montanuniversität Leoben

Erzherzog-Johann-Strasse 3

A-8700 Leoben


Approach via airplane / train:

You can reach Leoben via train from Vienna (in about 3 hours, including transfer from airport) or from Graz (in about 1 hour).

From Vienna airport there is a bus going to the train station "Wien Meidling", where trains to Leoben leave every hour (and direct trains every two hours).

In Graz, there is a small train station "Flughafen Graz - Feldkirchen" near the airport (about 7 minutes walk).

You can also take a taxi from/to Graz or Vienna airport, in particular if you share it with others. There are special rates for the university if you (pre-)book a taxi under the phone number (+43) 3842 45 500. The taxi rates from/to Graz are 70€, from/to Vienna 140€.



Approach via car:

You can reach us in Leoben when coming from Bruck an der Mur via the expressway exit Leoben Ost or when coming from St. Michael / Judenburg via the expressway exit Leoben West. The following plan illustrates the approach within Leoben itself:

Expressway exit to the federal road:

If you are approaching via the exit Leoben West, please follow the course of the yellow road until reaching the federal road B116 (B115A leads into B116), turn right and follow the course of the B116.

B116 exit, entering the town:

You may also easily reach us on foot when coming from the Leoben railway station. We are well within walking distance, it'll take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to reach us when coming from the railway station:

Inside the building (former regional court of Leoben):

You can locate us within the building on the 2nd floor, directly on the right hand when stepping out of the elevator or after going upstairs. On the following plan, the blue arrow guides you directly to our secretariat:


The following hotels are within 10-15 minutes of walking distance from the train station and the institute (For details see map):